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  Yukari Takemi
■ Business career
1. 1988/04~
■ Present specialized field
Ecology/Environment, Education, Environmental physiology(including physical medicine andnutritional physiology) 
■ Book and thesis
1. Thesis Reconsidering participation in health promotion  (Single)  2014/05
2. Thesis Development of a Questionnaire to Assess the Meal Preparation Competency of Female University Students - Study for Female Students Majoring in Nutrition  (Collaboration)  2014/02
3. Thesis Associations between Family Dinner Frequency and Voluntary Mealtime Communication with Dietary Attitudes, Dietary Behaviors, and Quality of Life: A Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Study of 5th and 8th Grade Students  (Collaboration)  2014/06
4. Thesis Evaluation of school-based nutrition education in health education and promotion  (Single)  2014/08
5. Thesis Cohort study examining the association between vegetable
consumption and weight gain in a single year among Japanese
employees at a manufacturing company  (Collaboration)  2015/09
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