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  平石 さゆり
■ Business career
1. 2009/04~
■ Present specialized field
Bio-related chemistry, Cardiovascular medicine, Environmental physiology(including physical medicine andnutritional physiology), Eating habits, Medical pharmacy, Biological pharmacy 
■ Book and thesis
1. Thesis A platelet aggregating substance contained in xanthine oxidase preparation from cow's milk.  (Collaboration)  1982
2. Thesis Analysis of inhibitory activity of Dilazep (ComelianR) on platelet aggregation  (Collaboration)  1984
3. Thesis The effect of plasma on platelet function in hypercholesterolemic rabbits and the changes in fatty acid composition of the plasma.  (Collaboration)  1984
4. Thesis Establishment of enzyme immunoassay of human thrombomodulin in plasma and urine using monoclonal antibodies.  (Collaboration)  1990
5. Thesis Elevation of plasma thrombomodulin level in diabetic patients with early diabetic nephropathy.  (Collaboration)  1990
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