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  Matsuda Yasuko
■ Book and thesis
1. Thesis Effect of Heating Capacity of Oven Plate, Heating Ability of Oven, and Duration of Covering the Meat on its Internal Temperature after Oven Cooking  (Collaboration)  2016/03
2. Thesis Effects of Cooking and Placement Conditions, Heat Capacity of an Oven Plate, and Thickness of Meat Samples upon Change in their Internal Temperatures after Oven Cooking  (Collaboration)  2016/03
3. Thesis Association of Self-reported Meal Preparation Competency and Cooking Skills among Female University Students  (Collaboration)  2015/02
4. Thesis Development of a Questionnaire to Assess the Meal Preparation Competency of Female University Students
-Study for Female Students Majoring in Nutrition-  (Collaboration)  2014/01
5. Thesis Use possibility to Cooking of the New combination "PAL sweet" Calorie zero  (Single)  2013/04
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