(Last updated : 2020-06-12 15:05:07)
  西塔 正孝
   Associate Professor
■ Business career
1. 2004/04~2008/03 Assistant Professor
2. 2008/04~ Associate Professor
■ Present specialized field
Food sciences, Aquatic bioproduction science 
■ Book and paper
1. Thesis Development of enhanced value added processed food of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) dorsal muscle using koji and its chemical changes during the fermentation  (Collaboration)  2018/12
2. Thesis Fish collagen  (Single)  2017/05
3. Thesis Identification and characterization of 12 tetranucleotide microsatellite markers in the white-spotted char Salvelinus leucomaenis  (Collaboration)  2015/07
4. Thesis Identification and primary structures of eel type I collagen proa1,
proa2 and proa3  (Collaboration)  2014/12